A New Approach to Vehicle Tender Management

TenderProXL TenderProXL is a complete Tender Management solution which captures all Tender related activities from the point of participation in Tender, Winning Tender, to creating Contracts, Vehicle purchase, Lease Agreements, Delivering Vehicle, Manpower Management, Invoicing, Closing Contracts and Sale of Vehicle.

Tender Dashboard

Track and Monitor your Tender Business in Real Time

  • Tender by business segment
  • Winning Ratio of Participated Tenders
  • Tenders coming up for Reoffering
  • Gross Margin Analysis of Current Running Tenders
  • Tender Status – Draft, Submitted, Finalized
  • Company’s Market Share of Tenders
  • Gross Margin Analysis of New Tenders

Benefits of Benefits of TenderProXL

  • Streamlines and simplifies your Tender Management process
  • Eliminates duplication and time consuming manual process
  • Built in work flow to efficiently manage Tenders from start to end
  • Track and Monitor your Tender business using real time Tender Dashboard
  • Fully automated Tender Costing
  • Flexible and accurate Invoicing to customers
  • Seamless integrated with FleetProXL, LeaseProXL, GarageProXL and CRM Modules
  • Built in advanced reporting tools to extract critical business information

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CarPro Systems – TenderProXL™

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