LeaseProXL is a tailor-made management tool enabling maximum creativity in your financial and operational approach, the wide ranging functionality and critical path methodology ensures a seamless business flow with the emphasis on cost control.

LeaseProXL, your ultimate leasing solution, provides constant cost control and vehicle tracking, supports a wide range of sales and customer service functions, and supplies tailored customer quotations.

LeaseProXL, based on critical path methodology, includes an entire front end sales system allowing you to track every contact and generate automated lead follow ups and generate flexible quotations according to preset user driven parameters.

LeaseProXL provides complete fleet automation and control with the objective of lowering your fleet costs through increased fleet utilization which is obtained by tracking, reducing, and minimizing your vehicle out of service time.

In addition LeaseProXL offers flexible invoicing techniques, methods of payment and pre-billing statements based on pre-determined customer profiles.

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