CarPro Systems is working with ESCROW4ALL, a leading provider of Escrow Solutions, offering our customers the peace of mind of an Escrow Solution. An Escrow Solution is a specialized form of assurance, where any business critical application or material can be securely deposited with the Escrow company.

CarPro Systems never compromises on quality and we are confident in what we do. Hence we offer this facility in order to demonstrate both our commitment to corporate governance, best practice and to build a long term relationships with our customers.

An Escrow agreement gives our customers the ability, under specific and controlled circumstances, to gain access to the source code needed to maintain the technology and support for the users and to protect CarPro Systems Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), while upholding contractual obligations and codes of best practice.

Benefits to our customers
When subscribing to the CarPro Systems ESCROW4ALL solution, you:

* Protect Initial and future Investment;

* Fulfill Business Continuity.

Escrow Source Code Protection
If CarPro Systems were to:

* Fail to maintain to maintain the software or Escrow Agreement.

* Sell or assign the IPR to another party who will not uphold the Escrow Agreement

The Escrow Contract is simple to establish
Its cost effective and encompasses:

* Testing Services;
* Complete Validation, proving that the Source Code can be built into the target application.

Flexibility of Agreements
CarPro Systems can develop the Escrow Agreement to reflect the specific relationship between CarPro Systems and its customer.

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To apply for an agreement, please email us at